about us


Yearbook Inc. was founded in 1992, when Michael Nahabet’s publishing organization produced one of the first ever fully digital yearbooks. Using a combination of desktop scanners, Pagemaker software, and direct digital negatives, the team accomplished a major feat for the times.

  • In 1992 produced the first full-color yearbook with innovative design features.
  • In 1993 produced first ever yearbook, utilizing strictly desktop publishing technologies.
  • Serviced primarily ethnic schools during the first decade, especially since Yearbook, Inc. could accommodate schools’ language requirements.
  • Incorporated and expanded in the year 2000 to appeal and cater to a wider market.
  • In 2000 pioneered the concept of on-site, year-round technical and graphic arts training for students, for schools enrolled in Platinum and Gold Streak programs.
  • Recruited and contracted student yearbook editors to become support staff for their alma mater’s incoming yearbook team.
  • Since the advent of digital photography, initiated across-the-board color correction for all yearbooks.


The relentless pursuit of three crucial elements which define our values and who we are.

• To never forget that at the core of our foundation is the learning experience of the student.

• To outperform our peers in providing outstanding service.

• To accomplish all this with honesty and integrity.

Our Advantages

Immediate attention and support, including same day problem solving & on-site service.

All yearbook images/photos are color corrected, except for schools insisting on PDF submission.

Covers produced by students with professional design help provided by Yearbook, Inc. free of charge.

No price increases for three-year contracts.

No “forced” deadlines for section submission - only one final deadline.

No penalties or charges for missed deadlines.

Opportunity to review entire yearbook in one full batch, before commencing printing.

Opportunity to make changes to previously submitted sections, without incurring costs.

Opportunity to review blue lines.

Opportunity to review Print-Sheets prior to binding and shipping, turnaround time permitting.

Guaranteed substantial improvement to yearbook quality. Including colors & design.

Option to submit files in native publishing software, for Yearbook, Inc. to initiate Quality Control.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Working with the team at Yearbook, Inc. was an incredible experience. Being on my high school’s yearbook staff, I never knew that I would have such a fun, hands-on experience with the production of the centurion. As the layout design editor, I was able to produce my own designs in Adobe Photoshop and send it to Yearbook, Inc. to apply to the yearbook template. I even got to go into their local office in Glendale in order to collaborate and tweak the layouts in person alongside them. Yearbook, Inc. allowed our yearbook staff to exceed our own expectations and produce such a memorable yearbook for my high school. Thank you!

Rochelle Ko - Yearbook Photo Editor, La Salle High School

It gives me great pleasure to say that Yearbook, Inc. has been an astonishing and brilliantly important element in my teaching experience. Fimi, Seta, and Michael have not only assisted my fledgling introduction into the process of yearbook production, but have shown themselves, on more than one occasion, to be reliable, lifesaving advisors, and good friends. It is easy to say that work with people can be a positive and rewarding experience, but Yearbook Inc. has always exceeded that particular maxim and proven that there is such a thing as 500%. They have never turned down a request, urgent need, or assistance of any kind. Because they easily and clearly go beyond normal expectations, I proudly and honestly say that they are the best out there!

James Poyner - Yearbook Advisor, La Salle High School

I worked with Yearbook Inc. on two yearbooks and both times it was a great experience. Not only do they have an incredible work ethic, everyone is ready to collaborate in a creative and fun atmosphere. They were very receptive and encouraging of all our ideas, and put great emphasis on making sure we took ownership of our books. They provided us with all the tools we needed and with their expertise and suggestions we were able to refine and enhance our ideas into two beautiful books that we were all proud of.

Anaiis Avanesian - Yearbook Editor, AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School

I’m so fortunate to have been able to work with the Yearbook Inc. team for two years. They empowered me as a first-time advisor by educating me in all aspects of yearbook publication and helped me establish an efficient workflow for my students. Additionally, they tailored their services according to our specific needs, without once compromising our creative potential. By the end of each publication, we felt like we came away with a product that was uniquely representative of our school. Thank you for such a memorable experience!

Mrs. Shoushan Arabian - Yearbook Adviser, AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School

I worked with Michael, Fimi and Seta on two yearbooks, and I cannot say enough great things about the positive and dynamic experience. The Yearbooks Inc. team was “hands-on” for the entire process. They patiently trained all of our staff on the newest software – PhotoShop and Quark – and visited our campus several times during the process to offer guidance and creative suggestions. As our deadlines were approaching they opened up their office to us, including at night and on weekends, so the staff members could finish up. Again, all three of the Yearbook Inc. reps were there to mentor each staff member through his or her tasks. Our end results were remarkable—and Yearbook Inc. is the only company I’d work with again.

Garrett Clancy - Yearbook Adviser Yeshiva University of Los Angeles, Boys & Girls Schools

With a staff of willing, encouraging people, Yearbook Inc. has never ceased to go above and beyond my wildest expectations. When a new idea that may have been seemingly far-fetched arose, the response was never, ‘We can’t do that.’ It was always, ‘How do we make that idea come to life?

Alina Mota - Saint Lucy's Priory High School

Yearbook Inc.’s success is due to our profound commitment to providing genuine, joyful and effective service.